"Be silent in that solitude/Which is not loneliness…" — Edgar Alan Poe

The seer smiles, white eyes catching the gleam of red-black coals. “All are lost,” she says. “Balance is lost. The dividing line between life and death was lost when the world fell.” She passes a hand over the fire, which flares brighter in response, flaring blood-red where she holds a life-shard in her gnarled fingers.

“In the world that was,” the seer says in a voice like frosted steel, “balance held.” Arda doesn’t want to hear her, tries to turn from her voice, but somehow the words fill his mind all the same. “In the world that was, the blood of light pushed through the body of darkness and maintained the life of the whole in steadiness. But now the darkness lives with pulse and breath of its own.”

Arda remembers his mother’s face suddenly, like he almost never does. He remembers her voice, which is an echo suddenly of the seer’s own. Things his mother told him. The old stories…

A Prayer for Dead Kings


These six tales of dark fantasy are woven from the shadow and mortality of the Endlands — an epic-fantasy realm in which nothing is ever what it seems, and where only the purest hearts survive the touch of all-consuming darkness.


A Sister of Sorrow dedicates her life to destroying those who employ pain without paying the price that pain demands — until she is nearly destroyed by a horror that not even her torment-hardened spirit can endure...

Across the blackened battlefields of the Great War That Was, a grim air-captain leads a mission to recover an arcane power that shouldn't exist — and which summons the ghosts of war to destroy all those who covet its secrets...

In the desolate refugee settlement known as the Fastness, two young lovers struggle to survive in the darkness of a world gone mad — but when the voice of that darkness calls them, neither will emerge unscathed...

A prince and princess share a bond of blood and a dark secret, both of which threaten to destroy them when their forbidden passion costs their emperor father his life...

In an ancient necropolis, a young woman seeks an escape from endless summer and the sorrow of the lovers she has lost. But even as she struggles to break free of the bonds of her dreams, she discovers the deeper nightmare that lurks within...

In the aftermath of the death of a village matriarch, a priest's son finds himself facing a black power beyond the reckoning of his faith — and a creature that only he can destroy...

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Voices of the Dead anthologizes six of the Tales of the Endlands — "The Moonsign Scar", "Black Run", "The Voice", the Kindle bestseller "A Space Between", "The Game of Heart and Light", and "Shadow to Shadow".