"The artist must know the manner whereby to convince others of the truthfulness of his lies." — Pablo Picasso

Frequently Asked Questions

ScottSo you totally made up your name, didn't you?

Afraid not. The name was crafted for Scott by the combined efforts of his paternal grandmother, who, when she saw him shortly after he was born, said he looked like a Scott; and his maternal grandparents, the Fitzgeralds.

Yeah, but using the full name instead of just 'Scott Gray' is a testament to your literary pretentiousness, right?

Partly, yeah. But mostly it's just an attempt by Scott to differentiate himself from the countless other Scott Grays out there, a fair number of whom seem to be writers for some reason. The ranks of such people that Scott isn't include the award-winning screenwriter Scott Gray who worked on Rugrats and other fine TV shows, the comic artist and writer Scott Gray who's worked on Doctor Who, X-Men, Spider-Man, and more, the game writer Scott Gray who's written for the Fudge RPG and other systems, and the Scott Gray who pens popular biographies of country and western singers.

So you're a "writer," eh? What's your day job?

Scott's day job is writer, editor, story editor, and tabletop roleplaying game designer. Though he started as a freelance writer and screenwriter even whilst whiling away his youth in magazine and newspaper publishing, Scott left his last real job in about 2001. Since then, he's been fortunate enough to have been able to make a living doing exactly what he wants to do by way of creating and shaping words, and he’s as grateful for that as you might expect.

Why the hell doesn't your blog allow comments?

Scott believes that conversations should either be private or public, and blog comments seem to kind of fall into an odd grey area in between. If you're inclined to have a private conversation with Scott, just drop him a line. If you want to have a public conversation about some issue raised on the blog, you can find Scott online. But please be aware that his patience for trolls and bigots is legendarily short.

If this site is all about Scott Fitzgerald Gray, why did that story i read by Gary Scott say it was published by Insane Angel Studios?

"Gary Scott" is an occasional pseudonym that Scott employs when he's writing things (chiefly lighter comedic pieces) that fall outside his primary focus in epic/dark fantasy and speculative fiction. Because there's not a whole lot of common ground between the light stuff and the dark stuff, keeping them semi-officially separated out seemed worth doing.

Scott is also not most of the writers named Gary Scott you might have heard of, though there seem to be fewer of those for some reason.

And that was really the best pseudonym you could think of?

Gary Scott has actually been an accidental pseudonym of Scott's for long years, because it's how everyone (and I mean everyone) transposes his name when they read it last name first, first name last ("Gray, Scott"), as on a driver's license or countless other official forms.

Funny story. Some years ago, Scott got bounced off his motorcyle by the business end of a Volkswagen Scirocco and wound up with a compound fracture of the right leg (tib-fib). When taken to hospital, he gave the paramedics his wallet so they could get his particulars — whereupon he found himself admitted, with ID bracelet and everything, as "Gary Scott". Problem was, Scott had had a fairly large amount of Demerol by that point for the pain, so when he tried to point out the error, the hospital staff assumed that Gary was just so wacked out of his head that he'd forgotten who he was. Good times.

Are you as seriously middle aged as you look in that picture?

Yes. And fuck right off, junior.



Scott Fitzgerald Gray has been flogging his imagination professionally since deciding he wanted to be a writer and abandoning any hope of a real career in about the fourth grade. The time since has seen him indulge in educational forays in science, arts, and film, and the bewildering variety of occupations that have driven his search for the secret of the human condition include information systems specialist, multimedia developer, teacher, facilitator, journalist, production manager, editor, graphic designer, and logger (because this is Canada, after all).

In case of emergency, drink the holy water with a twist of lemon and walk toward the light.