"See chameleon, lying there in the sun/All things to everyone/Run run away" — Slade

Roman slipped close on his stool. His well-practiced hands eased the flats from Tara’s feet. The yellow sling-backs slid on in a manner as close to a caress as a shoe was ever likely to give. His hands were shaking.

Slowly, Tara rose. She walked to the mirror a dozen feet away, stared at herself. Freda remained in her chair, watching as Roman came up a respectful distance behind the younger woman. The determination to control his nervousness was combining with his nervousness to make him appear even more nervous. With an effort of mind, heart, and soul, he forced himself to speak.

“How… how do they feel?”

“Not my style,” Tara said. Her voice carried all the wistful loss of the last sunset of summer as she kicked the shoes off and walked away…

One Size Fits All

The Cinderella story takes on a fresh twist when told from the perspective of a slightly depressed glass slipper salesman. One Size Fits All is a breezy, modern romantic-comedy tale of love at first sight — and of realizing that it’s never too late to write the ending you want for your own fairy tale.

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Gary Scott is a itinerant zen mendicant who dwells largely in the shadowy netherworld of other people's imaginations — particularly that of author and editor Scott Fitzgerald Gray, for whom Gary is a nom de plume encompassing Scott's lighter writings and humor.

One Size Fits All is the first in what's likely to be a burgeoning series of humorous titles written by Scott under this clever pseudonym. See the FAQ for details.