So you now find yourself sharing a table with three others, all of you very much alike. You are young adventurers, seeking fortune and fame in the wild parts of the world.

Every Young Hero Needs Somewhere to StartThe Hidden Halls of Hazakor

This page holds a few special downloads for GMs and players taking onThe Hidden Halls of Hazakor!

Pregenerated Characters

Character SheetThis adventure is designed for four players with 1st-level characters. The rulebooks for the game talk about how to create characters. Or the players can play pregenerated characters already made up for them. If you are working with new players, using pregenerated characters is a good idea.

Four characters are available in this special package — a dwarf cleric, a human fighter, a halfling rogue, and an elf wizard. These characters are based on the young adventurers created for The Hidden Halls of Hazakor by illustrator Jackie Musto! Each sheet contains all the character features necessary to advance from 1st to 5th level. And the cleric and the wizard come with full lists of suggested spells for quick and easy play!

(This note gives an overview of the pregenerated characters, and talks about how a few elements of the characters have been modified and simplified to make them easy to use for young players. It also talks about how to keep those modifications in mind for players who want to continue using these characters beyond 5th level.)

GM's Appendix

The monsters, magic items, spells, conditions, and other parts of the game that appear in the adventure all appear in your game rulebooks. But so you don't need to look through different books each time those things appear, they have all been collected in a special "GM's Appendix" for the adventure.

Untagged Maps

Players' maps of Purdey's Rest and the Halls of Hazakor make it easy to run the adventure in a virtual tabletop. These maps are missing the number key and any features that should initially be known only to the GM (including traps and secret doors).

Encounter Scaling

If you want to play The Hidden Halls of Hazakor with a party of fewer or more than four characters, we've put together some guidelines for adjusting the combat encounters.




The Hidden Halls of Hazakor starts in a frontier stronghold called Purdey's Rest, where the characters in the adventuring party meet. Rumors of mysterious lost ruins lead the characters into the wilderness, where they face challenges that might gain them wealth and fame. Or they might end up lost and forgotten, like all the would-be heroes who came before them.