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And Old Darkness Falls — And New Heroes Rise

The southern frontier is a land of bountiful farms and villages,where folk of different cultures live and work in harmony. But darkness can spread even beneath the brightest skies when the threat of the undead sends whole villages fleeing in terror in the night…

Mystery at Millwarren

Mystery at Millwarren is a fully illustrated, 76+ page adventure for fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons, written with a special focus on young, new Dungeon Masters — coming in early summer 2020.

Created by designer and editor Scott Fitzgerald Gray, Mystery at Millwarren is the sequel to the ENnie-nominated Hidden Halls of Hazakor— a 1st-level starter dungeon crawl adventure for young first-time DMs. It’s not necessary to have played The Hidden Halls of Hazakor to run Mystery at Millwarren, which is a standalone adventure suitable for any group of 5th-level characters. But Millwarren is written as a continuation of Hazakor’s young-player-friendly format, offering not just a fun adventure but advice, tips, and hints aimed at helping new DMs of ages 12 and up run great games.

(And if you don't have The Hidden Halls of Hazakor — called "an amazing resource" by GeekDad.com — you can check it out in PDF and print at Drive-Thru RPG.)

With more powerful characters in the party and more dangerous foes to face off against, Mystery at Millwarren is written to help new DMs get a handle on some of the more complicated aspects of running a game:

  • Managing larger numbers of characters and adjusting encounter difficulty for groups of different sizes
  • Using more random elements in encounters and story to keep things unpredictable — for the DM and the players alike
  • Working with adventure narrative that’s less linear and more wide open

All these topics and many more are covered in the course of an investigation-focused adventure that can help new DMs take their games to the next level.





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